Saturday, September 22, 2012

Exploring the Natural World in Autumn

As the seasons change, many of us want to get outside and watch the transition. . . .whether that's deep in the woods or just beyond your door. 

We were recently reminded of how great Mary Holland's book Naturally Curious is for all educators. It's a gorgeous guide to exploring the outside world, arranged by seasons with compelling photographs explaining it all.

Plus you can keep exploring beyond the pages of her book with her regularly updated blog! That's a new discovery for us (thank you Jo Knowles for the tip). We've done a story board with Pinterest to whet your appetite for exploring more.

Another inspiring guide for educators and their students is Citizen Scientists - the subtitle says it all: Be a Part of Scientific Discovery from Your Own Backyard.

Get these books and take them out for a walk, they aren't doing any good sitting inside on shelves.

Looking for Writing Practice?

Local author Kate Messner, who spoke at our September 15th Children's Room event, hosts a virtual community of teachers who practice writing - because they want to practice what they teach. Check them out at Teachers Write!

Jo Knowles, who joined Kate on the 15th, also has a blog where she posts writing exercises every Monday.

The New York Times' Learning Blog has just added a new feature on Common Core Practice. Also from the same blog, this article on Writing Well - which should be read for the opening graphics if nothing else.

The above links are targeted for a teacher audience, the Young Writers' Project provides a whole range of tools for inspiring young writers and is focused on being a space where those young writers can collaborate.

Also for young writers, Kate recommends the book Spilling Ink which offers advice from today's authors to today's aspiring writers.  

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 15th Authors Event

We had a great event on September 15th with local authors Jo Knowles, Kate Messner and Linda Urban. They gave insight into their writing process and lots of ideas on teaching writing to younger students. They also spoke about common core standards and incorporating fiction books into science curriculum. (See also this related post: Looking for Writing Practice?)

Our authors provided some recommended reading ahead of time, if you missed the in-store display, then check out this virtual display board of their books along with their top recommendations.

Each image clicks through to the Bear Pond online ordering system. Or add books to a wish list for your classroom with Bear Pond Books' new Wish List function for teachers, librarians and non-profit organizations.