Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Post #1 - Book List for Grown Ups

As with every year, we take a summer posting break when schools get busy with end of year work. But summer break isn't hibernation - here's the first of our occasional summer posts. 

You know the first thing (reportedly) that Grace Greene did when she retired as Youth Services librarian? Read a book written for grown ups. It's true. And Helen's Mom (former Vermont school librarian) has read nothing but books written for grown ups during her own retirement. A pattern is emerging.

For every school librarian who is not content waiting for their chance to read outside the children's genre, who may be planning a radical reading departure this summer, we've got a few suggestions. Some new, some not new, all relatively fun (if you consider a post-Apocalyptic dystopia fun, which the readers of Station Eleven do). Links will take you to their descriptions.

The New Books Your Neighbors Are Most Likely to Have on Their Shelves:
Good Grown Up Books Jane Has Read Recently:
And because she cannot help herself, the YA graphic novel This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki

Books From Helen's Ongoing (If Quixotic) Quest To Encourage Cookbook Reading:

Books in Mystery Series that Aren't Written By Louise Penny:
And in case you've missed her, Louise Penny has a new book coming out August 25th, The Nature of the Beast

Humor Writing:
Mavericks or Unusual Stuff that Actual People Actually Did:
We'll keep you apprised of any new ideas that surface. Next up: Jane's kids & YA summer reading picks.