Tuesday, September 23, 2014

100 Books and Counting. . .Materials Review October 3rd, 9:00am

Revolutions! Gila Monsters! Baseball! Migrations! Insects Changing History! Johnny Cash! Orangutans! Bathing Machines! . . . More!

Those are super short summaries of some of the 100 books we're reading in preparation for our October 3rd Materials Review. The list covers new non-fiction on all sorts of topics for grades K-8. We'll have books to look at, books and supplies for door prize giveaways, coffee, coffeecake, time for conversation and a run down of what we're excited about in 2014. Our reviewing panel will be Jane, Carrie, Helen, and Scholastic Book rep Nikki Mutch.

A Sneak Peak - books we'll be discussing include:
We're also featuring some favorites leading up to the event:
. . .plus more, from history's biggest, loudest peace concert to animal classifications via poetry. Join us from 9:00 (panel starts at 9:30) to 11:00 am on Friday, October 3rd in the Children's Room. 

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