Thursday, November 13, 2014

Inspired By Nature

Thinking of Jason Chin and Deirdre Gill's workshop on exploring nature with picture books (Saturday 11:00 am) we've been looking through other nature-inspired picture books. Here's a list of some of Jane's favorites - there are a lot of exceptional books out there. If you want a top recommendations list, check out the books featured on our Pinterest Board.

And, of course, join us Saturday for a great workshop!

Arnosky, Jim
q  Crinkleroot’s Guide to Giving Back to Nature
q  Jim Arnosky’s Wild World
q  Every Autumn Comes the Bear
q  and many more….

Aston, Dianna Hutts
q  A Butterfly Is Patient
q  An Egg Is Quiet
q  A Seed Is Sleepy
q  A Rock Is Lively

Bang, Molly
q  Buried Sunlight

Bass, Jennifer Vogel
q  Edible Colors

Berger, Carin
q  The Little Yellow Leaf
q  A Perfect Day

Bryan, Ashley
q  Ashley Bryan’s Puppets (this book was featured in a Childrens' Room blog post by Jane)

Burns, Loree Griffin
q  Citizen Scientists
q  Tracking Trash
q  Handle With Care

Campbell, Sarah
q  Mysterious Patterns (this book had a brief review in our follow up to the Materials Review)

Davies, Nicola
q  Tiny Creatures (this book was featured in our October Materials Review)
q  Outside Your Window
q  Extreme Animals
q  One Tiny Turtle
q  and many more…

Ehlert, Lois
q  Leaf Man
q  Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf
q  Planting a Rainbow
q  and many more…

Gray, Rita
q  Have You Heard the Nesting Bird?

Holland, Mary
q  Naturally Curious

Jenkins, Steve
q  Creature Features
q  Eye To Eye
q  Actual Size
q  and many more…

Johnson, Rebecca
q  When Lunch Fights Back (this book was featured in our October Materials Review)

Johnston, Tony
q  Winter Is Coming
q  Sequoia
q  The Barn Owls

Judge, Lita
q  Born In the Wild
q  Bird Talk
q  Born To Be Giants

Kim, Soyeon
q  You Are Stardust

MacLachlan, Patricia
q  The Iridescence of Birds

McDonnell, Patrick
q  Me, Jane

Messner, Kate (who led a writing workshop here, March 2014)
q  Over and Under the Snow

Muth, Jon
q  Hi, Koo!

Neme, Laurel (Laurel will be speaking in our author-educator series January 24th)
q  Orangutan Houdini (this book was featured in our October Materials Review)

Montgomery, Sy
q  Chasing Cheetahs
q  Saving the Ghost of the Mountain
q  and many more…

Perkins, Lynne Rae
q  Nuts To You

Rocco, John
q  Blizzard

Roy, Katherine (Katherine will be speaking in February, date tbd)
q  Neighborhood Sharks (see our extended review of this book here)

Sayre, April Pulley
q  Eat Like a Bear
q  Vulture View
q  Raindrops Roll
q  and many more

Schafer, Lola
q  Lifetime

Sidman, Joyce
q  Winter Bees and Other Poems of the Cold
q  Swirl By Swirl
q  Red Sings From Treetops
q  and many more…

Snow, Virginia Brimhall
q  Fall Walk
q  Winter Walk

Wheeler, Eliza
q  Miss Maple’s Seeds

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