Friday, November 30, 2012

Challenge Complete!

It is the last day of November, making today also the last day of the Picture Book Idea Month Challenge and Picture Book Month.

We've posted 30 ideas for picture books - challenge complete! Technically, one is then supposed to go write a picture book so the challenge isn't entirely complete. Nonetheless, check out the basically-triumphant list here.

The organizers of the two national celebrations of the picture book have pulled together wonderful resources on their own web pages, including archives of a post-a-day from writers, illustrators, and others involved in picture book making, editing, and reading. Check them out here:
Add all these lists together and you've got 90 picture book related ideas! That's not even counting the fabulous ideas from the participants in our Picture Book Month kick off (here) and the ideas contained in their recommended picture book reads (here).

And that's still not counting all of your picture book ideas.

It's enough to keep us busy until next November. . .and beyond.

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